In the early 1900s, brothers Carlo and Ernesto Bazzini cultivated their first "vigneti" on the picturesque slopes of the Oltrepo Pavese in the region of Lombardia, Italy. Bazzini wines were initially sold in damigiane (50 liter jugs) and transported twenty miles by horse and carriage to the nearby city of Pavia where the locals appreciated the simplicity of these family-style wines. Nearly a century later, their legacy continues and Ernesto's grandson, Paul, imports these same varietals from the towns of Canneto Pavese and Rovescala. Today, Bazzini wines can be found in some of the most prominent retail stores throughout the U.S.A. Bazzini Wine Merchants, Inc. is located at 3 Harbor Road (at The Cellar) in Cold Spring Harbor, New York on the beautiful north shore of Long Island.